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OWP wants to know...Do you think blog tours help an author's career?
Want to hear more from the Goddess Herself, Beth Ann Masarik? She's on Xpresso Reads today!
Are you into Legal Thrillers? The eBook Price of Life by Greg McCarthy is FREE from February 20-24th!

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OWP wants to know...Do you have big plans this weekend?
Want to know more about Stephen Prosapio? Read his interview on Mostly Reviews.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OWP wants to know...Do you carry a notebook around to take notes when ideas for a story come to mind?
Whiteout by Cambria Hebert is #1 on Amazon's Fantasy Romance Free eBooks! It's also 123 over all! Congrats Cambria!
Beth Ann Masarik is still going...check out her next stop.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eternal Patrol hit 10 in Science Fiction Adventure on Amazon's Free eBooks! ALREADY! Check it out!
OWP wants to know...Do you have any tips for organizing mass amounts of email?
Missing the winter? Want a great thriller? Want it for FREE? Whiteout by Cambria Hebert. FREE until February 11th!
The next stop on Beth Ann Masarik's Blog Tour is Ritesh Kala. Can you keep up?
Eternal Patrol by Michael Wallace is FREE from February 7-9th. Only on Kindle!

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OWP wants to know...Do you find it difficult to read on an eBook reader?
Happy Birthday Beth Ann Masarik. She's blogging on her website today. Join in on her Birthday Bash!

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OWP wants to know...What is the craziest thing you've ever done where you injured yourself? (Keep it clean)
Don't forget to pick up Transubstantiate by Richard Thomas. It's FREE today only!
Where's Beth Ann Masarik? She's with Lila of course. They are Babbling About Books and Stuff.

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OWP wants to know...Do you take sugar in your coffee?
Still following Beth Ann Masarik? Hope so! Lot's more fun to come. Today she's on Indie Supporter. Check it out!
Download Transubstantiate by Richard Thomas for FREE only February 4-5th and only on Amazon. Hurry! Get it now!

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Get ready...Transubstantiate will be FREE for a limited time starting February 4th. Only for your Kindle.
OWP wants to know...What do YOU think is going to happen to Barnes & Noble?
Beth Ann Masarik, Author of The World Among Us series, is on a Blog Tour. Stop #1 is today at Stories to Tell.
Telly Says reviews Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum today. Check it out!