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OWP wants to know...Kindle or Nook? Who has which and why?
To our Canadian friends, enjoy Boxing Day! For those who do not know what Boxing Day is, check out Wikipedia...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

OWP wants to know...Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?
Merry Christmas, Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends from all of us at OWP.

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Do you like dark, edgy fiction? Are you not afraid of the unknown? Try all five books from the Brat Pack for only $50
OWP wants to know...What marketing techniques work best for you?

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Have you downloaded your free copies of Before, Murderous Regrets, and Moon Spirit yet? Go get them now!
In celebration of the release of Masquerade, share your pictures of Halloween costumes on our Facebook page!
In celebration for the release of Masquerade, share your pictures of yourself in Halloween costumes on our Facebook page!
OWP wants to know...What is your favorite thing to do when it snows?

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OWP wants to know...For the writers out there, do you have a celebration ritual when you finish a story or manuscript? What is it?

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Get free copies of "Murderous Regrets" and "Moon Spirit" by Beth Ann Masarik on Smashwords! Only available until January 31st!
Get a free copy of "Before" by Cambria Hebert on Smashwords! FREE but only until January 31st!
OWP wants to know...Who is your favorite bad guy?

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OWP wants to know...Are you responsible for a holiday dish at a family gathering? Care to share the recipe?

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OWP welcomes Heidi Permann to the staff! Welcome aboard!
“The snow was endless; it had a way about it. A beauty. I knew that, like many things, beauty could be deceiving.” Cambria Hebert-Whiteout
OWP wants to know...What do you think the future holds for printed books?